Causes d’UTI: des raisons surprenantes Vous contractez des infections des voies urinaires de nulle part

Vous savez si vous avez une infection des voies urinaires, non? Pas toujours: les causes, les symptômes et les traitements des infections urinaires peuvent changer radicalement avec l'âge.

Like many women, Katherine Trent (name has been changed) of Austin, Texas, had to deal with an occasional urinary tract infection (UTI) when she was younger. Symptoms were obvious (pain, burning, and a persistent need to urinate) and easy enough to clear up with antibiotics. But once Trent entered her late 60s, the sporadic UTIs of her earlier years suddenly returned—and wouldn’t go away. Within a few days of one infection easing, another round of symptoms would start. This cycle continued, getting progressively worse over the course of five years. I could tell when one was coming on. My bladder would feel irritated. I went to the bathroom frequently, and it was painful. If I couldn’t get to a doctor or a walk-in clinic within 24 hours, I would sometimes see blood in my urine