9 choses ordinaires dans votre maison qui peuvent endommager vos poumons

De l’irritation frustrante au cancer mettant la vie en danger, ces éléments pourraient causer des problèmes pulmonaires que vous ne voudrez pas traiter.

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Heavy-duty disinfectants like bleach, chlorine, and ammonia can be irritants to people with lung diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and it could also cause asthma in people who never had it before. In most cases, you can probably substitute these harsh cleaning products for simple soap and water, says George Friedman-Jimenez, MD, DrPH, assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine. People usually assume germs around the house need to be disinfected, but in reality, soap and water, or even just water, remove a great majority of bacteria and viruses