8 signes clairs indiquant que vous ne dormez pas suffisamment

Vous savez si vous ne dormez pas suffisamment, mais la qualité est également importante.

Vous frappez la répétition répétée

dr pilule amaigrissante prescrite

When you wake up in the morning, having not slept deeply enough feels very similar to not logging enough overall hours of sleep, says Shelby Harris, a doctor of psychology and clinical associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. That means you’re tired and groggy, and wild horses couldn’t drag you out of bed. No one expects you to pop up immediately when your alarm goes off, but, if you’re getting enough deep sleep, you should soon feel energized. Give yourself an hour after you wake up, since it can take time to fully awaken. If you’re still sleepy then, you might have an issue