7 raisons pour lesquelles vous ne devriez pas faire confiance au conseil santé que vous venez de trouver sur le Web

Tout le monde cherche des informations sur la santé sur Internet, mais tous les sites ne sont pas fiables. Voici comment vous pouvez faire confiance aux conseils de santé que vous lisez en ligne.

Besoin d'un conseil santé? Comment pouvez-vous dire à quoi faire confiance?

If you want to better understand your diabetes, arthritis, heart failure or tennis elbow, there’s no shortage of information just a few clicks away. The web can also be useful for reading up on a treatment plan your physician has recommended, as this can put you more at ease with a decision or at least generate more questions you can bring back to him or her during your next visit. But what’s less helpful is using individual online searches to arrive at an actual medical diagnosis. Searching for explanations for an symptom can lead to all sorts of wild speculation and worry, often without cause, and can potentially delay getting medical attention you truly need