11 conseils d'auto-conversation pour les patients atteints de cancer

Lorsque vous obtenez votre diagnostic pour la première fois, vous serez probablement submergé d’émotions. Kevin P. Ryan, MD, FACP, explique comment maîtriser les pensées qui animent ces sentiments.

Rejeter l'apitoiement sur soi

Get past the why me? feelings, and don’t beat yourself up if you can come up with an answer to that question. Regardless of any lifestyle habits that could have contributed to your cancer, you have to face your diagnosis. Let out your initial instincts to withdraw, cry, and feel terrified—but only temporarily. Hard as it may be to feel any sort of graciousness for cancer, be thankful that technology allows earlier detection and better treatment than ever. None of us gets out of this (life) alive, and the mere diagnosis is not synonymous with a death sentence